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Black Mold Problems Hong Kong

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

Properties in tropical and sub-tropical regions in Asia, including Hong Kong have occupants suffering health problems caused by black mold.

Black Mold Problems Hong Kong Click for larger image

That visble black mold growth, the mold you can see, happens after black mold is already full established.

Repeatedly wiping off surface mold is not a solution, first we need understanding the underlying factors causing mold growth if we want to avoid health issues.

black mold problems Hong Kong

The artist Norm Yip's found mold his studio, featured in SCMP article and that type of case is not uncommon in Asia.

mold, artist Norm Yip's moldy studio was featured in SCMP Above: Mold in Norm Yip Studio | Credit SCMP
click for large image

mold, artist Norm Yip's moldy studio was featured in SCMP Above: Mold in Norm Yip's Studio Wall | Credit SCMP
click for large image

Health Impacts of Mould

Whether caused by flooding, condensation or water leakage the resulting mould can impact your health.

the Artist Norm Yip found mould in his studio causing his health to the SCMP article, March 2019

You do not need to inhale spores or their mycotoxins, direct contact/touching spores can cause a rash for some people.

Everyone is different, with a varying sensitivity to mould, so individuals, in the same building, may have no symptoms or suffer from a range of different health problems. Medical advice reports a range of health impacts caused by mould including:

  • tiredness
  • fatigue
  • lethargic
  • eyes irritation, red eyes
  • headaches
  • rash, eczema, hives, skin irritation
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • throat irritation
  • respiratory problems
  • nausea
  • depressed/unmotivated
  • unable to sleep
  • brain fog/loss of focus

  • Mold spores are all around us, we can't escape it. Without identifying the root cause, cleaning up black mold only addresses the visible result, that is a symptom, not the cause, is pointless waste of time, money and effort.

    We investigate and use an infrared camera for our expert black mold inspections to identify hidden moisture problems, water ingress, damp, and black mold problems in buildings.

    Call +852 2335 9830 to order a black mold inspection today!

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