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Mold Investigation Singapore

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Singapore has a tropical climate with high humidity, that can create damp and moisture problems in buildings damaging the building fabric and causing mold.

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In Asia mold is a common health issue, mold can cause headaches, tiredness, breathing problems, allergic reactions, and more serious health impacts. Not everyone is equal, some people have a higher sensitivity to mold or mold spores.

In many cases after a person has suffered severe toxicty result from mold exposure, they find their sensitivity increases!

Repeatedly wiping away surface mold is not a solution, first we need understanding the underlying factors causing mold growth if we want to avoid mold and the associated health issues.

mold inspection singapore

The artist Norm Yip's moldy studio was featured in SCMP article and this case is not uncommon in Asia.

mold, artist Norm Yip's moldy studio was featured in SCMP Above: Norm Yip Studio | Credit SCMP
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mold, artist Norm Yip's moldy studio was featured in SCMP Above: Norm Yip's Studio Wall | Credit SCMP
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We investigate and use an thermal infrared imaging for our expert mold inspections to identify hidden moisture, water ingress, and damp problems in buildings that cause mold. We examine the different modes including rising damp, condensation, building fabric, water and drainage systems in our assessment.

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