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Tips to avoid Hong Kong Tenant Complaints About Mould

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Hong Kong properties often suffering from water ingress, damp, and mould causing your tenant to complain about damp or mould in the property escalating your workload and stress.

Both high humidity and water ingress can cause damage to the building fabric, the interior finishes of the apartment, plus a whole range of tenant health issues caused by the toxicity of mould and mould spores.

Tips to avoid Hong Kong tenant Mould complaints click for larger image

Tips to avoid Hong Kong Tenant complaints about Mould

To reduce the risk, and the stress, some simple prevention measures can help avoid water and moisture, and that prevents mould growth. So we have a list of tips for property owners:

1. Wall Coverings & Coatings

Do not allow the contractor(s) to paint or cover the internal side of any external wall with any type of vapour barrier, the walls must be allowed breathe and vapour barriers trap moisture. Some typical vapour barriers including vinyl wallpaper, vinyl coverings or plastic / polymer based paints.

Particularly in air conditioned rooms, instruct the contractor building furniture and the tenant to alway maintain clear space, to allow air circulation over the whole external wall.

Good ventilation will dry out any moisture in the external wall, otherwise the result is shown in the photo below.

Tips to avoid Hong Kong tenant complaints about mould

2. Furniture Materials

Essentially, the advise is the same as wall coverings above. If the contractor builds furniture covering the external wall, with materials finished with plastic laminate, moisture, and then mould is guaranteed.

Design furniture and fixtures with an air gap for plenty of ventilation, don't cover up external walls or your property will look like Norm Yip's flat (refer to the SCMP photo below).

Tips to avoid Hong Kong tenant complaints about mould, photo Credit SCMPAbove: Norm Yip's Mouldly Wall | Credit SCMP
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3. Good Ventilation

We can't prevent the ingress of moisture, therefore good ventilation using air to transport and remove the moisture from the property and mositure acculmated in the external walls is the solution.

Exhaust fans can be effective to discharge moist air providing adequate replacement air is available!

Often the bathroom exhaust fan or kitchen fan is operated with the adjacent window open, creating shirt circuit, moist air is endlessly recirculated through the room, causing moisture, damp and mould problems.

Avoid permanently enclosed void spaces is key, these can be created by partitions, void, curtains or blinds, these areas trap air, preventing free circulation and ventilation neccessary to transport the moisture away from the property.

If mounting a vapour barrier, for example a mirror, whiteboard, or simular on the external wall is unavoidable, fit spacers behind, to allow air circulation across the external wall.

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Cross ventilation is most effective, that means the air inlet grille and exhaust air grille are located on the opposite side of the room with undercut door or door grille to provide open a path for circulation.

Operating the bathroom exhaust fan near an open window is useless, the air will follow the path of least resistance (i.e. from the open window) it is called short circuiting, and increases the risk of moisture inside the room.

Mould Inspection Prevention

Identifying the problems before the tenant complains is less stressful, we identify construction, moisture, hidden damp, and potential mould problems in Hong Kong properties, we use infrared thermal imaging to detect hidden defects.

Call +852 2335 9830 to order a rapid mould inspection today!

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