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John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

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22 October 2018 - Infrared Thermal survey........read more

4 October 2018 - Hong Kong Mouldy hotel........read more

9 August 2018 - Fire doors........read more

4 July 2018 - CLP and HKE will electricity raise tariffs....read more

27 June 2018 - Air Conditioning Energy Usage set to increase........read more

19 April 2018 - Hong Kong feed in tariff for Photovoltaics.......read more

8 March 2018 - Fresh air causes havoc in buildings.......read more

11 Jan 2018 - A backup that does not work is not a backup.......read more

1 Jan 2018 - Happy New Year



30 Dec 2017 - Hong Kong's 2017 Building Energy audit mapped! ....learn more

19 Dec 2017 - What caused 1,180 flights to be cancelled at Atlanta airport, and is your infrastructure next? ....read more

14 Dec 2017 - John A. Herbert attended the Hong Kong green building awards dinner.......read more

13 Dec 2017 - 2018 Electricity Tariffs increasing by John A. Herbert.........read more

9 Dec 2017 - Vinyl wallpaper in air conditioned rooms don't match, better swipe left by John A. Herbert.........read more

5 Dec 2017 - Lost Ductwork......read more

28 November 2017 - A neat video provides an introduction to BEAMPLUS rating tools....learn more

25 November 2017 - Renewable Energy targets for Hong Kong.........learn more

13 November 2017 - Rising Carbon Emissions.....read more

15 October 2017 - "Must be getting old" Herbert said, Linkedin friends reminded us that Kelcroft is 18 years old!

8 October 2017 - Our director Mr John A.Herbert, also a director of BEAM Society Limited, and he attended BEAM Society's Board meeting and 7th Anniversary dinner.

28 September 2017 - Hong Kong Water Quality
Water Quality, new requirements for water testing have were introducted with the WSD Circular Letter No. 9/2017, here is the LINK

The new criteria is worthy of note because it requires testing of stagnant water to idendify metals leaching from the water piping or fittings into the potable water supply.

However, it's only applicable to new buildings and in Hong Kong buildings can be vacant for years after completion.

15 June 2017 - Our director, Mr John A. Herbert attended the BEAM Society AGM on 15 June 2017 and he was elected as BEAM Society Director.

5-7 June 2017 - World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 was held in Hong Kong.....

22 April 2017 - Energy Targets for building energy performance article by John A. Herbert

20 April 2017 - Sustainability is difficult where systems and economies are irreversible...by John A. Herbert

7 April 2017 Green Building design is a core issue, but ask any building owner materials are critical for quality..........

13 February 2017 - Fire and fire protection have been pushed to the front of the news in recent years, with increasing number of fires in Hong Kong, our director John A. Herbert was interviewed by the South China Morning Post about Hong Kong's system published by SCMP on 13 February 2017.

John A. Herbert

7 February 2017 - Our director John A. Herbert is a volunteer with BSL BEAMPLUS, Hong Kong's Green Building rating tool. Herbert was presented a certificate to recognise his expert contributions over the last six years.
John A. Herbert

1 February 2017
hong kong energy cosumption expert John. A. Herbert
Hong Kong requires mandatory energy audit every ten years, undertaken by Registered Energy Assessor (REA). EMSD website publish the basic results of the energy audit {http://www.emsd.gov.hk} and we plotted the EMSD data on Google Map for easy reference: Hong Kong Building Energy Mapping

4 January 2017
One less excuse to delay energy improvement works..
Lack of funds is cited as the number one reason for delaying energy improvement work, the good news is that upto HK$ 200,000 is availble for Incorporated Owners of residential buildings on Hong Kong Island, on matched funding basis (that means dollar for dollar) for energy saving projects......call Kelcroft today.



16 December 2016
beam neighbourhood rating tool, BEAM ND
The BEAM Neighbourhood rating tool, or BEAM ND, is the latest member of the suite of BEAM Hong Kong Green Building rating tools. This rating tool covers community-wide developments, and is designed for assessing and rating the master plan stage.

If you're familar with BEAM rating tools, the format and content of BEAM ND is easily recognized, using the same system for scoring points, in each of the categories.

14 December 2016
beam, John A herbert Kelcroft's director, John A. Herbert, attended the BEAM Society Limited (BSL) annual dinner.

18 November 2016
John A Herbert, EMSD REA
More than your ordinary consultant, we helped our client avoid a PR disaster and jail time. In Hong Kong new construction requires signed EMSD COCR stage 1 within 2 months of consent, and EMSD COCR Stage 2 within 4 months of OP, both signed by Registered Energy Assessor, call the expert John A. Herbert +852 2335 9830 today!

To engage EMSD REA for your project call Kelcroft today!

14 November 2016

A byproduct of the steam systems is the condensate often dumped into the drain, what a waste of "high grade" energy.....learn more

8 August 2016
A power outage at Delta Airlines USA caused their datacenter and then the IT system to fail, creating worldwide problems. "This is not the first major incident, and surely it will not be the last, the approach to risk is simply ignore it." Herbert said.

The costs, well the cost is unknown at this stage, the backlog of flights and passengers is on-going, but it will run into many USD millions. There are media reports indicating that a switch failed, which seems odd since an obvious single point of failure should have planned redundancy.

#delta #poweroutage #design

11 July 2016 Building Air Balance. Considering the importance of good ventilation, the ratio of exhaust air flow and replacement make-up air is often overlooked, with dire consquences for your health. Contamination can be drawn into your breathing space from drainage pipes, with bacteria. In 2003 SARS was circulated by air from poor drainage systems. Take a minute to review this short video to see negative air flow in action

#mold #ventilation #sars #negativepressure

1 July 2016
Summer has offically arrived, with outdoor temperature reaching 35 Deg C, and high humidity to match, the air conditioning chillers will be operating at full blast, but...

hot weather increased air con charges
HKO Hot Weather Warning

Chilled Water Piping Losses

Polystrene thermal insulation, banned due to fire and smoke risk, were replaced by glass fibre, the only and therefore preferred choice at that time. But glass fibre was never intended for chilled water applications, it was developed and used to insulate walls.

building E&M survey
Chilled water piping cladding covered with condensation
indicating a serious problem, wasting energy

In the event that the vapour barrier installation is not 100% perfect, moist air condenses on chilled water piping, destroying the thermal resistance of the insulaton.

Capillary action and gravity causes the water damage to widen, but it is difficult to notice the losses, the concealed chilled water gets warmer and warmer.

Modern piping thermal insulation is less likley to be damaged by condensation.

28 June 2016 What can we do about Hong Kong's rising green house emissions, the 2013 data shows its increasing...

6 June 2016 - an article, the science behind damp and mould in air conditioned hotels, hospitals, and domestic buildings......

3 June 2016

3 June 2016

27 May 2016
The sports hall roof collaspe at City University on 20 May 2016 has caused alarm bells about green roofing in Hong Kong. Energy expert John A. Herbert speaking on RTHK radio news explained "A reflective white roof is a better alternative for existing buildings it can lower the cooling load and reduce the cost for air conditioning space below" Herbert said.

A white roof works by reflecting the energy from the sun, it avoids absorbing energy, more effectively than a regular lawn used in Hong Kong, it will cost less to maintain, and does not add wieght which is an important factor for an existing structure.

Whilst it does mitigate the urban heat island effect, just like a green roof, he agreed that a white roof does not tick the biodiversity box "a lawn is not meadow of wild flowers providing habitat for countless species, its just a lawn" Herbert said.

reflective white roof, hong kong

27 May 2016 - A reflective white roof is better than a lawn, a white roof is not expensive solution, it protects the waterproofing membrane, increasing roof longvity, and reduces the solar gain from the by more than 50% for air conditioned areas beneath

BEAM consultant hong kong

30 April 2016
The dirt on EMSD cooling tower audit, clean your cooling towers!

4 April 2016
Kelcroft's director John A. Herbert will be guest on the RTHK Backchat programme on 5 April 2016, regarding light pollution. Herbert said "Hong Kong BEAM rating tool already has criteria, under SA15, for controlling light pollution measures at the design stage.

31 March 2016
Our director, Mr John A. Herbert attend the opening of 2016 MIECF in Macau SAR.

BEAM consultant

24 March 2016
John A. Herbert, a long standing member of the Hong Kong Green Building leaders attended the launch of the new BEAM PLUS EB v2, with Sec. for the Environment Mr K.S. Wong at the ZCB in Kowloon Bay.

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert attended BEAM Existing Buildings EB launch
with HKSAR Sec. for Environment Mr KS Wong

17 Feburary 2016
Kelcroft was a supporting organisation for the HKGBC Recognition Scheme Award Presentation Ceremony held on 17 February 2016.

29 January 2016
John A. Herbert attended the BEAM event honouring contributions from past BEAM members, including Cary Chan.

26 January 2016
John A. Herbert, a long standing member of the Hong Kong Green Building Faculty, attended the faculty annual dinner at YMCA. Since posting photos of food is popular in Hong Kong...

John A. herbert
John A. Herbert attended HKGBC Faculty Dinner

BEAM consultant

21 January 2016

7 January 2016
Chinese only, a rough translation: the Hong Kong Lead (Pb) in water inquiry finds a firm involved with procuring plumbing materials forged documentation for Lead (Pb) solder to state it was Lead (Pb) free Yahoo reports Chinese Only

1 January 2016
Happy New Year!



31 December 2015
Besides the hottest year on record in terms of temperature, Hong Kong also achieved another record, the highest number of Legionairres' Disease cases, 66 cases were reported in 2015, significantly more than 28 cases in 2013 and 41 cases in 2014. the majority 79% are believed to be local (legionella case breakdown). And as we know Legionella is generally under-reported. Many of the patients were treated as Pneumonia cases before the Legionella diagnosis was made, again not a surprize given that it generally presents as a pneumonia.

Furthermore, Legionella cases both worldwide and locally occurred in the colder months, hopefully dispelling the myth that Legionella is only a summer time risk.

Although EMSD has been monitoring cooling towers in Hong Kong, still high and very high Legionella counts persist. EMSD reported in 2015 that eight (8) cooling towers exceeded 1,000 cfu/ml

2015 was also notable because ASHRAE published ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems

John A. herbert

Click here to read more about the Kelcroft Legionella Risk Assessment
tag: legionella

27 December 2015
WSD has upgraded its potable water quality scheme to become the Quality Water Recogintion Scheme for Buildings - Fresh Water PLUS. This voluntary scheme has been updated and extended, and now includes additional water quality test parameters, including testing for heavy metals, and copying the BEAM and BEAM PLUS requirement, now demands sampling from water tanks, refer to the WSD website for further information. http://www.wsd.gov.hk
tag: waterefficiency

20 November 2015 Kelcroft's director Mr John A. Herbert attend the 6th HKGBC anniversary at Central Plaza, Hong Kong......
John A. Herbert
Dan Rusu and John Herbert

17 November 2015
Kelcroft provides independent datacentre auditing for facilities in Asia, if you need operation you dont ask for the cheapest Doctor, right? same applies for your building.

John A. herbert
Lightning Protection Installation

Indeed you may have read that lightning recently struck a Google data centre, but is your data safe? Has you operation been checked? All too often, the investigation starts after the incident has already occurred.

John A. herbert
Perhaps Kelcroft's attention to detail does count

The cable connection is damaged, just another another item added to the defects list, details that others overlook, Kelcroft uncovers, making data centre safer.

Backup systems are critical for data centre operations, they normally operate under emergency circumstances, so it is vital that all batteries are installed and commissioned correctly?

John A. herbert
Battery backup system continuity failed

Kelcroft's independent checking, with our detail approach, uncovered this failed backup system BEFORE data centre operations commenced.

9 November 2015
Mr John A. Herbert was the instructor for BEAM Professional training (Water Aspects).
tag: greenbuilding

2 November 2015
Our director, Mr John A. Herbert, in his role as HAESCO chairman organised an energy seminar with speakers from BSRIA on the topic of air tightness, and Swire on the topic of Big Data for VAV energy savings..read more #energyefficiency

John A. herbert
Left to Right: BSRIA Tom Jones and John A. Herbert

29 October 2015 World Green Building Council Conference 2015 Hong Kong. Our director Mr John A. Herbert also attended WBS14 last year held in Barcelona, this year he attended the global green building event held in Hong Kong! .........read more..

John A. herbert green building expert
World Green Building Council Conference 2015 Hong Kong

John A. herbert green building expert
Build Green

John A. herbert green building expert
Kelcroft HKGBC patron

28 October 2015 - Kelcroft's director Mr John A. Herbert attended Eco Asia Expo 2015, promoting green building and energy efficiency in Hong Kong ...... read more

27 October 2015 - Mr John A. Herbert, a member of energy and environment committee attended the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong energy efficiency seminar with Under Sec. For Environment Bureau HKSAR Ms Christine Loh........read more.

cooling tower energy efficient operation

14 October 2015
HAESCO are organsing a building energy seminar on 2 November 2015, the topic click here to learn more
tags: energyefficiency

8 October 2015
A new building with poorly designed air conditioning, is it really 2015? An engineer should know that locating an air grille near the wall is just asking for trouble, the beauty of infra-red imaging, it allows us to easily demonstrate defects to non-engineers.

Do you want your buildings designed to a particular standard or actual performance? Stakeholders in Hong Kong have always demanded performance over promises.
tags: thermography

Kelcroft, thermmal image, John A. Herbert
Thermography reveals more than the eye can see

Kelcroft, thermal image, John A. Herbert
Thermal image manhole cover

8 October 2015
Poor building design and/or operation is a severe risk for Legionella, so far the Hong Kong Government health dept. has reported 53 cases of Legionaires Disease this year (2015) far exceeding the number of cases for the whole of 2014.
tags: legionella; hong kong; infection

2 October 2015
The HKSAR consultation document for handling Edible and Waste oils give us the hint of the future, License holders shall be required to dispose of waste oil to 'licenced contractors' or face stiff penalities.

25 September 2015
Kelcroft was a sponsor for the BEAM 5th Anniversary Dinner. John is also a director at BEAM Society Limited. Herbert said "It is our honour to support BEAM on the occasion of its 5th year of incorporation." ............read more
#greenbuilding #kelcroft #BEAM

John A. herbert

John A. herbert
Paul Chan HKSAR Sec. for Development presents BEAM green building award to Mr John A. Herbert

John A. herbert
Our guests

25 September 2015 - Kelcroft's director, Mr John A. Herbert was presented with BEAM Green Building Award

#greenbuilding #kelcroft #BEAM #award

21 August 2015
Thermography reveals an infra-red world that the naked eye cannot see. It is just one of the tools in Kelcroft's arsenal to help guide our work, to improve energy efficiency to lower your energy costs. Every body emits radiation, but we can only see visible light, infra-red imaging converts infra-red spectum into light that we can see. order thermal scanning today!
tags: thermography, thermal scan

thermal image, heat map, thermography
Visualising with infra-red benefits

18 August 2015
Kelcroft's director Mr John A. Herbert member of the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Energy and Environment Committee attended the August 2015 meeting.
tags: energyefficiency

30 July 2015
Kelcroft's Mr John A. Herbert conducted BEAM Professional training (Water Use).
tags: BEAM, greenbuilding

6 June 2015
Mr John A. Herbert attended BEAM Neighbourhood training. "A green building rating tool for the Neighbourhood is the next step to encompass and engage the wider community". Herbert said.
tags: greenbuilding, BEAMPLUS

21 May 2015 - Our Mr John A. Herbert presented at Enviroserises Conference 2015. The key topic was water efficiency! Herbert, chairman of the BEAM Technical Review Panel, and BEAM Water Use expert panel chairman, explained that BEAM Plus buildings have already reduced water consumption by approx. 39% per annum, a fact often overlooked in green building, and critical for Hong Kong's future and water security.

Furthermore, he explained that BEAM has changed the industry, engineers are now forced to account for Hong Kong's skyscrapers, and now design water efficient systems to gain BEAM certification. .....learn more

John A. Herbert
BEC Chairman Mr John Chai (LEFT) presents award to Kelcroft's John A. Herbert (RIGHT)

John A. Herbert

18 May 2015
Kelcroft's John A. Herbert was guest on RTHK Radio 3 backchat programme the topic Hong Kong's energy blueprint. Herbert said the governments target (40% Energy intensity reduction from 2005 level) was not ambitious (equates to say 6.5% reduction in absolute terms).

Also Under Secretary for the Environment Ms. Christine Loh agreed that the BEEO Energy Audit results presently only on paper, should be available digitally! {listen here LINK}

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert (Photo credit RTHK Radio 3)

15 May 2015
Mr John A. Herbert attended the Hong Kong Government's launch ceremony of the Government Energy for All campaign at the Hong Kong Government Office, Tamar, Hong Kong.
tags: energyefficiency

23 April 2015
Our John A. Herbert attend the BEAM Society Limited (BSL) Anniversary ceremony celebrating fifth year since the establishment of BSL (formerly BEAM Society).

20 April 2015
Kelcroft's director Mr John A. Herbert was speaker and panelist at the Enviroseries Conference 2015 held 21 May 2015 in Hong Kong.
#greenbuilding http://bec.org.hk/events-current/bec-enviroseries-conference-2015

green building 
John A. Herbert speaker at enviroseries Hong Kong

18 April 2015
Mr John A. Herbert Kelcroft's director, conducted the BEAM BAS training for BEAM Water Aspects.
tags: greenbuilding, BEAM

10 April 2015
Kelcroft attended BEAM Existing Buildings (EB) stakeholders consultation to comment upon draft EB documentation.

26 March 2015 - Kelcroft exhibited and attended MIECF 2015 conference and exhibition in Macau, a leading regional green building conference for the Asia region.

Kelcroft Macau 2015

#greenbuilding #energyaudit #carbonaudit

9 Match 2015
WSD has retitled the Quality Water Recognition Scheme For Buildings (QWRSFB) to the Quality Water Supply Schemes For Buildings - Fresh Water And Flushing Water.
#water #efficiency

1 March 2015
Happy St Davids Day!

23 February 2015
Kelcroft's director John A. Herbert chaired the first BEAM Water Expert group meeting in 2015.

26 January 2015
Director of HAESCO Mr John A. Herbert chaired the first HAESCO meeting in 2015

17 January 2015
Mr John A. Herbert attended the BEAM Directors brainstorming meeting at the Holiday Inn, Hong Kong.
tags: greenbuilding, BEAM

15 January 2015
Kelcroft is once again supporting green, a patron sponsor for Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) this year (2015).
tags: greenbuilding

Kelcroft, green building

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