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Building and Engineering News in Hong Kong and Asia

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

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20 Sept. 2020 - New Code of Practice for Lifts..........more

3 Sept. 2020 - summer 2020 broke records HKO reports..........more

2 Sept. 2020 - The hazards in existing buildings have changed..........more

13 August 2020 - Burning incense indoors, not smart .......more

8 August 2020 - All cables should be clipped and support with METAL fixings .......more

26 June 2020 - HKUST Indoor Sports Center scored 80 points and received BEAM PLUS GOLD rating......learn more

HKUST indoor sports hall green building lowest WWRLow WWR earns BEAM PLUS Gold rating

26 June 2020 - Data center operators should be aware of the possibility that Schneider Electric UPS is vulnerable to remote shut down.

8 May 2020 - WSD post-lockdown recommendations for drinking more

18 April 2020 - HKGBC asked how to improve our buildings surely stopping stupidity must be the first more

14 April 2020 - Get prepared to re start, reduce the associated risk of Legionnaires Disease in your building.... read more

4 April 2020 - COVID-19 is circulated in the air, including HVAC systems .... read more

27 March 2020 - Typical Hong Kong HVAC air filters will not stop COVID-19 droplets circulating inside your building .... read more

16 March 2020 - During this period of heightened COVID19 awareness dont forget Health and Safety of your employees .... read more

9 March 2020 - During this period of heightened awareness "ALL buildings" not residential and domestic dwellings need to take action, safe building drainage .... read more

CREDIT: HKSAR Government Information Sheet

18 February 2020 - During this period of heightened awareness, sure the passenger lifts are probably disinfected, but don't overlook the rest.... read more

18 February 2020 - Hong Kong Legionnaires Disease Outbreak update - On 17-2-2020 CHP reported four (4) new legionnaires disease cases, that is twenty (20) cases in total. Fourteen (14) cases are located around the Choi Hung / Ping Shek area of the city...........READ MORE

11 February 2020 - Legionnaires Disease Outbreak in Hong Kong but not reported in the media yet....READ MORE

23 January 2020 - Kung Hei Fat Choi - Happy Chinese new year!

23 January 2020 - Tips to avoid the stress caused by tenants compliants about mould in your property....READ MORE

tips to avoid Hong Kong tenant complaints about mould

16 January 2020 - Has the time for embodied carbon arrived? ....READ MORE

1 January 2020 - Happy New year!

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