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John A. Herbert at Enviroseries Conference 2015
18 May 2015

Kelcroft's director Mr John A. Herbert said that the event was an "important annual event for the environmental sector in Hong Kong" speaking after the annual event organised by BEC.

John a Herbert, hong kong Photo: BEC Chairman Mr John Chai presents carbon certificate to John A. Herbert at Enviroseries 2015 conference on 18 May 2015

John A. Herbert a member of the panel at the conference, presented the case for improved water efficiency in Hong Kong and the region.

Herbert, BEAM TRP chairman, and BEAM Water Use expert panel chairman, explained that buildings using BEAM Plus rating tool have already reduced water consumption by approx. 39% per annum, a fact often overlooked in green building circles, and critical for Hong Kong's future water security. As the inevitable population growth in South China will push water resources to the limit in future years, it is a fixed and finite resource to be shared with the entire PRD basin.

Furthermore, Herbert explained that BEAM has truly changed the construction industry, one of the green buildiong goals, engineers now examine more the deisgn of water systems more closely, to account for, water flow rates and water pressure that are typically experienced in Hong Kong's skyscraper environment, driving designers to provide water efficient systems to gain BEAM certification.

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