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Datacentre Rules

27 Dec 2006 by John A. Herbert

datacenter golden rules

Rules exist for a reason, and an undersea earthquake near Taiwan has just reinforced one of the golden rules for designing datacentre E&M infrastructure.

Of course it is redundancy, a must for design a modern datacentre. However, if you need your fault tolerant datacentre to be available 24/7 you must plan for the unexpected.

One of the golden rules for datacentre planning and design is never, ever, or even think about locating all your N+1 (primary and backup) infrastructure in the same location.

Currently a disaster is unfolding (late Dec 2006) communications across Asia are severely disrupted, telephone and internet services across the region are inaccessible due to an earthquake severing six out of seven undersea cables near Taiwan.

And the question must be asked why are 99% of international communications routed in the same area?

Remedial work to restore service will likely take many weeks to complete. In the meantime, the disruption has hit commercial and international finance operations as engineers struggle first to find the cables, and then effect a repair.

Local services within Hong Kong itself are not effected, therefore servers physically located here in Hong Kong, like RTHK, and ours are fine and accessible over the internet.

However, access to international servers is severely restricted, indeed some ISP's having little or no international service, so overseas websites are out of reach for the time being.

The moral of this disaster, don't ever think about locating all your eggs or your E&M infrastructure in one location. Whether its your fibre, power, or cooling expect the unexpected.

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