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Archive of past news reports, articles and media involoving us here at Kelcroft, and the built environment in Asia region.
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28 November 2014
Our director and Chief Engineer Mr John A. Herbert was elected chairman of Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies (HAESCO) Ltd.

Mr Herbert said "He was honored to accept this position, and he would strive during his term to improve the quality of life for Hong Kong people and across Asia".

20 Nov. 2014
Our director Mr John A. Herbert, attended the HKGBC's 5th anniversary dinner and award ceremony. Kelcroft supports green buildings by sponsoring HKGBC.

18 Nov. 2014
Kelcroft's Chief Engineer, John A. Herbert was guest lecturer at City University, Hong Kong.

8 Oct. 2014
Kelcroft's leading green building expert, John A. Herbert attended the World Building Conference WSB14, held in Barcelona, Spain. More than 2300 delegates attended the event, with more than 100 from Hong Kong. It was a very packed three day conference covering all aspects of green building.

John A. Herbert

31 August 2014
EMSD conducted a briefing for REA at the EMSD headquarters building, and our REA Mr John A. Herbert, attended the briefing.

5 August 2014
Kelcroft's Mr John A. Herbert adressed Rotary Club 'Preserving the Planet' theme with better energy efficiency. Herbert said "Energy efficiency improvements are the fastest, least impact improvements on the market that lower resource use (fuels) and carbon emssions".

preserve the planet speaker, john a. herbert
John A. Herbert

30 June 2014
Director John A. Herbert was the guest lecturer at HKUST for BEAM Water Aspects.

29 May 2014
Kelcroft is pleased to announce that today our director John A. Herbert was appointed a member of the EcoDistricts ( Advisory Committee.

5 May 2014
A revised BEAM procedure manual was published by HKGBC. Applicants may bypass Provisional Assessment (PA) stage where a reason is provided. Kelcroft provides green building consultant advice, including energy modelling and lighting simulations for BEAM compliance.

lighting design audit

4 April 2014
Kelcroft attended the CarbonSmart Seminar held at HKPC in Hong Kong for industrial SME's seeking energy saving solutions.

carbon audit
Herbert said Solar thermal air conditioning, that is air conditioning chiller water powered by solar thermal (hot water) and or combined waste heat is very economical means to provide cooling, and since cooling typically accounts for the largest part of the energy bill.

3 April 2014
Director Mr John A. Herbert attended the City LEAP project conference at the Marriott, Hong Kong organized by the Climate Group.

27 March 2014
Save the date, 27-29 March 2014, visit Kelcroft at MICEF 2014, Macau ..... ...learn more



1 Dec. 2013
Thermal Imaging, what the eye cannot see, we can reveal. Kelcroft's hi-resolution Infra-red imaging tools reveals those hidden secrets. Thermal bridging that occurs in building structures, its not visible to the human eye but clearly shown (purple) image below.

infrared building image Kelcroft
Copyright 2013 What secrets does your building hide?

27 Sept. 2013
Kelcroft's director Mr John. A. Herbert conducted the BEAM Interiors training course at the South Pacific hotel today to a pack audience. This training is important because it is required for all BEAM Professionals and those submitting BEAM Interiors (BI) projects for assessment.

John A. Herbert, Kelcroft, BEAM Training

24 September 2013
BEAM Interiors launch ceremony was held at the historical Asia Society building in Admiralty. Herbert said BI was new, another step in the development of greening Hong Kong.

John A. Herbert
Left to right HKGBC chairman Conrad Wong, Secretary of the Environment KS Wong, BSL Chairman John Ng and BEAM Interiors steering committee John A. Herbert. (Link to HKGBC press release)


16 September 2013
Completed another commercial building EMSD Energy Audit today, identified significant cost and energy savings (32%), the largest cost saving had zero implementation cost, yes zero cost!! Who say energy audits are not worth it?

12 September 2013
Kelcroft is HKGBC ( member and HKGBC patron sponsor, therefore to support, our Director John A. Herbert attended SB13 Sustainable Buildings 2013 Urban Density and Sustainability conference on 12 and 13 September 2013.

Kelcroft Patron HKGBC member Hong Kong

24 July 2013
Offices in Hong Kong will able to finally earn recognition as a result of the new BEAM Interiors (BI) rating tool. Our Director John A. Herbert was the instructor for the new BI training course.

4 July 2013
Leading the drive for green offices, hotels, and retail our director John A. Herbert conducted BEAM BI (BEAM Interiors) training course for BEAM Plus interiors (

9 June 2013
John A. Herbert's blog ( has an interesting article regarding can BMS save energy conservation.....visit learn more

1 May 2013
The EMSD Energy Audit code (EAC) 2012 version II is effective today, the submission information required is now more onerous.

29 April 2013
With years of energy auditing experience overseas and local Kelcroft's REA John A. Herbert has conducted and completed EMSD energy audit reports under EAC 2012 version I.

14 April 2013
BEAM Plus Interiors, the only Hong Kong rating tool for offices, restaurants, and retail premises was published today! Chairman of the BEAM Interiors steering committee Mr John A. Herbert said today is a historic occasion for BEAM and Hong Kong, this rating tool provides the opportunity for interior designers to earn recognition for those office owners that embrace sustainability principles. Herbert said "Office fitout and renovation work creates a significant quality of C&D waste, estimated to be one third of the total C&D waste filling our limited landfill sites in Hong Kong, and BEAM Plus Interiors recognises those firms walking the talk."

28 March 2013
As the leading air conditioning engineering experts we can announce that Kelcroft was appointed to investigate technical issues related to an accident involving an existing air cooled Chiller plant in Central, Hong Kong.

26 March 2013
We are pleased to announce that Kelcroft's director, John A. Herbert was granted FCIHPE (Fellow of Chartered Institute of Heating and Plumbing Engineers) today.

21 March 2013
Kelcroft's director, our Mr John A. Herbert will attend the MIECF 2013 conference in Macau, catch-up at Booth F56!

19 March 2013
John A. Herbert chaired the BEAM Technical Water panel meeting today to discuss BEAM improvements for the new BEAM manual.

8 March 2013
Kelcroft's John A. Herbert was the City university guest lecturer, John's topic energy efficiency and carbon auditing was clearly well received judging from students questions after the lecture.

22 February 2013
BEAM PLUS Interiors, Hong Kong's green office rating tool will be published soon said John A. Herbert chairman of BEAM's steering committee. Our steering committee members have work hard over the last year to help deliver an BEAM office rating tool for Hong Kong (visit BEAM society website for the latest information).

25 January 2013
Our in house Registered Energy Assessor (REA) Mr John A. Herbert attended EMSD's briefing for Hong Kong Registered Energy Assessors (REA). EMSD presented lessons learnt since the scheme started in Sept. 2012 and answered difficult questions from the audience regarding scope and interpretation of the EAC 2012. The key takeaway, the energy Audit, all aspects must be conducted by the REA.

10 January 2013
HKGBC held its Faculty selection panel meeting today, Kelcroft's director John A. Herbert, a member of the faculty and selection committee was in attendance. HKGBC faculty comprises Hong Kong green building elite, professionals with additional experience in the green building sphere.



29 November 2012
Hong Kong hosted the Building Material exhibition, and our director Mr John A. Herbert was invited to present in the Green Materials stream on 27/10/2012. He offered his unique insight for the future of green building in Hong Kong, and introduced the BEAM Plus Interiors rating tool that would be launch next year.

27 November 2012
Mr John A. Herbert, a director at Kelcroft, was elected as a director of BEAM Society Limited.

19 November 2012
Building Energy Future, speech by our director Mr John A. Herbert for the AMCHAM energy committee highlighting the future for building energy consumption.

17 November 2012
BEAM Plus interiors steering committee chairman Mr John A. Herbert introduced the BEAM Interiors workshop. Photo below workshop delegates. The workshop engaged more than 100 professionals for comment on the new BEAM Interiors rating tool.

John A. Herbert
BEAM Interiors workshop.

10 November 2012
Chinese University provides a Master's course, a guest lecturer on 10 Nov. 2012 was our Mr John A. Herbert. His lecture covered the importance of water conservation, rainwater harvesting and greywater related to BEAM and green building.

27 October 2012
Eco Expo Asia 2012, John A. Herbert presented at Building Materials and Decoration fair event, the topic the future of green buildings and materials.

17 October 2012
BEAM Society Limited held a wide ranging consultation for the new updated BEAM PLUS Interiors rating tool under the supervision of John A. Herbert as the chairman of the BEAM Plus interiors steering committee.

29 September 2012
Kelcroft was the sustainable building BEAM consultant project was listed in the World Green Building Week 2012!

World green building project 2012

24 September 2012
Kelcroft's director, John A. Herbert was elected Vice-Chairman of HAESCO (

1 June 2012
Mr John A. Herbert, Kelcroft's director was appointed as a member of HKGBC Faculty and a member of the HKGBC faculty selection committee panel.

20 January 2012
No Holiday for Legionella

6 January 2012
Legionella Seminar Kelcroft has arranged a technical meeting, our director John A. Herbert will talk, the topic "Legionella Prevention in Buildings" on 13th January 2012.... ....learn more

4 January 2012
Kelcroft's John A. Herbert was interviewed by the South China Morning Post in connection with Legionella in Hong Kong and published on 4th January 2012. (To enlarge click on image).

John A. Herbert

The new Government HQ building in Tamar was opened in August 2011, and staff have been moving into the new facility. Both Legislators and civil service unions have expressed concern for staff safety. Kelcroft's John A. Herbert said "No details of this LD case, other than the brief media reports have been issued"

2 January 2012
The SCMP and other newspapers reported that further tests have revealed Legionella positive results at the Hong Kong Government's HK5.5 Bln flagship HQ building at Tamar. Education chief Micheal Suen contract legionnaires disease from the new building in December 2011, and the government is now conducted further testing of the water systems in the building. Kelcroft's director, Mr John. A. Herbert said "Often Legionella is associated with the warmer water temperatures of summer, but this case another example to support the fact that contracting legionella is not just a summer time occurance".



28 November 2011
Kelcroft's director John A. Herbert was honored speaker at ecoexpoasia 2011. The technical seminar was focused on green buildings and John presented the audience with his thoughts and ideas for planning green buildings. "Too often the consultant is approached late in the day" Herbert said. The seminar was sponsored by Bank of China. John provided his top five tips for planning green buildings to download a copy of the presentation slides (1.7 MB - PDF)

John A. Herbert

16 November 2011
Kelcroft's director John A. Herbert participated in the InnoAsia 2011 conference at Hotel Icon in Hong Kong. The technology panel focus was slated as the Energy Efficiency Technology Forum titled “How much can be saved?”

There are too many commentators that talk about energy efficiency" Herbert said. His goal, to put some meat on the bones, with real world examples. The technical panel and audience debated the issues, and John provided examples of savings found in practice. Experience coupled with unending attention to detail reveals energy management opportunities.

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

4 March 2011
A unique opportunity for all the stakeholders including architects, engineers, developers and building owners to express your ideas to improve green more

27 January 2011
Director Mr John A. Herbert will teach the Understanding and Implementing energy Management Systems ISO 50001 and BS 16001 on 21st February 2011, at the Innocentre, Hong more




4 October 2010
Insurers, insurance companies or loss adjusters find the need to call Kelcroft for expert assistance to help interpret complex engineering more


20 August 2010
Kelcroft conducts energy audits and assessments in Asia for organisation looking to lower energy costs and also gain environmental benefits, energy auditing buildings provides a lesson for every organisation CEO and manager, what can you learn.......learn more

6 July 2010
Director Mr John A. Herbert is one of the first BEAM Professionals in Hong Kong, he has been helping train Hong Kong's first batch of BEAM Green Building professionals. To mark this special occasion the HKGBC and BEAM Society held the inaugural BEAM Professional award ceremony ...learn more.

green building image hong kong, BEAM consultant
greenbuilding consultant

2 April 2010
Our Director Mr John A. Herbert was appointed as a member of the BEAM (formerly HK-BEAM) Faculty. The BEAM faculty consists of Hong Kong's leading green building expertise and prepared the BEAM Professional training and examination. here to learn more about green building consultancy in Hong Kong

14 January 2010
What is BIM? BIM means Building Information Management, a hot topic in industry. Many years ago CAD crept into the built environment lexicon, now BIM is starting the same journey. To learn more about BIM for construction building management, BIM training and how it will effect you here to learn more about BIM

20 January 2010
"It's important to stay in touch with the international energy sector and energy management standards" Herbert said Director Mr John A. Herbert attended BS16001 Energy Management: Saving Cost and Energy training course on 20 January 2010.



4 December 2009
Kelcroft's director Mr John A. Herbert was speaking at the HKTDC energy efficiency conference held in Hong Kong, his topic building energy efficiency.

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert speaking at Energy Efficiency conference 2009

23 November 2009
What is green building? A simple question? some suggested answers (link to Kelcroft article by John A. Herbert what is green building?)

green building image hong kong

20 November 2009
Director John A. Herbert, a member of the BEAM society attended the conference and launch of Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) ( The latest version of BEAM tool, BEAM Plus was also released to coincide with this event.

15 October 2009
Today, the 32nd recorded case of Legionnaires Disease was reported by CHP (link to CHP report.)
John A. Herbert

31 August 2009
The Chinese media covers the CHP Hong Kong reporting that the number of cases of the potentially fatal Legionnaires\' Disease cases so far this year (Jan - August 2009) is already more than double the number of cases in 2008........ read more about Legionella

carbon audit services

29 May 2009
he South China Morning Post ( interviewed John A. Herbert on the topic of green building. In case you missed it here is a link to the article (A3 size, PDF)

2 April 2009
Kelcroft participated in the MICEF 2009 exhibition, Macau with AMCHAM. Our director Mr John. A. Herbert attended the conference. "It is was fruitful event, improving the energy efficiency of buildings must be a top priority" Herbert said.

Kelcroft stand, Macau, 2009

25 March 2009
Kelcroft is pleased to announce that Director John A. Herbert was elected HAESCO Vice Chairman and accepted chairman of the HAESCO Membership committee.

13 February 2009
Kelcroft is appointed Cleaner Production service provider for CP3 programme in PRD, China CP3 directory:

20 January 2009
Director John A. Herbert's has his personal blog, also focused on the green building and energy efficiency sectors here is the link or subscribe to the RSS feed



5 September 2008
The Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies (HAESCO) held its first energy efficiency conference on 5 Sepember 2008.

As a leading expert in the industry, our director Mr John A. Herbert presented on the topic of Building Energy Efficiency. The event, held at HKPC building, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, had more than 250 delegates attending to hear the news and views speakers including EMSD, Hong Kong and overseas experts.

Mr John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert, topic Energy efficiency

Mr John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

8 August 2008
An article by John A. Herbert on the topic of Green Roof Solutions

climate change mitigation

20 June 2008
Climate Change Conference - John A. Herbert presents : sustainable industry

John A. Herbert

6 June 2008
CDM better late than never, arrives in Hong Kong

4 June 2008
Kelcroft's director Mr John A. Herbert attended the 2008 Asia Clean Energy Forum held at ADB, Manilla. However, energy efficiency improvements were not in focus on this occasion, a lost opportunity since EE improvments are the fastest, lowest means to lower carbon emmissions.

John A. Herbert
ACEF 2008 Panel discussion

17 May 2008
Kelcroft's director Mr John A. Herbert visited Hong Kong's first ecoblock manufacturing company. Using previously waste materials dumped into landfill, such as glass, new materials are created using a dry process at the plant in Hong Kong.
#recycling #sustainable

John A. Herbert
recycled glass used for ecoblocks to construct pavements

17 March 2008
Kelcroft's director Mr John A. Herbert attended Penwell committee event in Gz, China.

12 January 2008
The Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies Limited (HAESCO) was launched on 12 January 2008. Kelcroft's Director Mr John A. Herbert founding director of HAESCO, officiated the Inauguration Ceremony held at the Excelsior Hotel in Hong Kong.

John A. Herbert

It was my honor to introduce US Assistant Secretary of Commerce Mr David Bohigian was our guest of honour to announce the official launch of HAESCO ( The event coincided with the US energy trade mission to Hong Kong.



26 November 2007
A competiton was created for the urban planning design of Hong Kong's waterfront, amonsgt other, Mr John A. Herbert was a member of the jury panel.

jury member John A. Herbert
Models of finalists were displayed(Pacific Place)

26 Aug 2007
Energy conservation is possible

energy efficiency hong kong

July 2007
Another long hot summer, electrical power shortage in PRD (Pearl River Delta) causes power outages again this year in South China

January 2007
The latest edition of the HK-BEAM newsletter with an article by our director John A. Herbert on the subject of Energy Efficient Cooling Tower operation (Energy Efficient Cooling Towers published by HK-BEAM PDF format)



26 Dec 2006
An Asia wide Internet outage is a stark reminder of data centre golden rules

25 July 2006
Another data center outage.
An independant date centre audit is the only, cost effective, means to minimise the risk of data centre failures. Often the post incident reviews merely confirm the risk was not assessed, and could have been avoided.

24 May 2006
Kelcroft's founder and director Mr John A. Herbert appeared as an energy expert at the Building Services Professional Energy Efficiency conference held 24th May 2006 at the Marriott hotel, Hong Kong. The event was a resounding success, as a result the organizers have decided to organize an annual event.

director john A. herbert energy efficiency expert conference speaker

3 May 2006
Kelcroft's director Mr John A. Herbert's article regarding green building was published in the South China Morning Post ( Green Building terms (PDF A3, 1 page, published by SCMP)



May 2005
PRD power crisis II

Cogeneration (2 page PDF) Paper, by John A. Herbert



24 July 2004
PRD Power Crisis

24 May 2004
Sick Building Syndrome Solutions by John A. Herbert

25 August 2004
An article about Indoor Air Quality

30 November 2004
An article about Thermal and Ice Storage Systems by John A. Herbert

Top Twenty Tips for Sustainable Living written by Mr John A. Herbert, and published by Canadian Chamber of Commence



Kelcroft's engineering expertise provides Independent Value add services for your building project

May 2003
An new acronym SARS entered the global vocabulary this year, here is a link to Kelcroft's SARS Drainage Report (1MB PDF) by Kelcroft