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Noise Control

Interference from unwanted noise keeps us from doing what we need to do, it can interrupt our work, our leisure, and in the work environment can seriously damage our productivity.

noise control, sound control

Smart buildings are only as clever as the engineers that design them, the inanimate building has no self learned intelligence, engineers with smart ideas create smarter low noise buildings.

noise control is not rocket science

John A. Herbert

Kelcroft creates smart sound solutions for the built environment, creating value added systems integrated with the fabric of the structure to create smarter, better controlled environments whether for industry or business.

Sound Control

Kelcroft's experiences designers can mitigate noise problems, or design out the problems at the design stage.

Ensuring that airflow noise and vibration are minimised by the selection of appropriate plant and equipment.

noise control, sound control

The key to creating productive environments is the design of low impact systems, and critically the site monitoring during installation. The Properly designed quiet systems can be circumvented if not installed correctly - really it is that simple.

Kelcroft's creative design skillbase ensures your money is well spent on cost effective solutions.

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