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John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Fossil fuels are finite, energy bills are rising precipitously, and damage to the environment is increasingly effecting the the global climate.

p2e2, Pollution Prevention Energy Efficiency solutions across Hong Kong and PRD

Kelcroft creates valued added strategies to met these challenges, saving you money, reducing pollution and simultaneously helping reduce your environmental footprint.

p2 principal

Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency [p2e2] is a unified total approach, a holistic strategy that improves energy performance, reduces pollution impact.

The cost to act late and try to remove pollution after it has entered the environment is staggering.

Increasingly, energy efficient buildings also enhance your corporate profile, indeed the growing pressure for corporate environmental reporting, as a normal component of the annual report, will certainly drive future occupancy rates.

With oil hovering around US$50 per barrel, and no reduction in sight, energy charges will soon begin to dominate your balance sheet. Customers and shareholders will be demanding improved performance- P2E2 - is just one opportunity helping to reduce expenditure.

Kelcroft provides innovative energy solutions improving your bottom-line

In commercial buildings approximately forty percent (40%) of the total energy cost is consumed just to provide air-conditioning[1], within hotels and some industrial facilities it is even higher. Kelcroft provides smart energy conservation solutions that lower your costs, reduce pollution and give your business a competitive edge.

Kelcroft helps by providing strategic consultancy advice across Asia, expertise includes:

  • lowering business costs
  • healthier design
  • lower lifetime cost of ownership
  • energy management solutions
  • reduced pollution
  • performance contracting

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1.EMSD Hong Kong Energy End-use Data (1991 - 2001)

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