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Pollution Prevention Energy Efficiency Strategy p2e2

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

We know the problems, fossil fuels are finite, our energy bills are rising, and damage to the environment is increasingly impacting the global climate.

NOAA reports that in 2019 the months of June and July were amongst the hottest on record.

Pollution Prevention Energy Efficiency strategy p2e2 solutions

Kelcroft creates valued added strategies to met tomorrow's challenges, saving you money, reducing pollution and simultaneously reducing your environmental footprint.

Pollution Prevention Strategy

Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency [p2e2] is a holistic strategy, the idea is simple, preventing pollution is more cost effective than the cure.

Improving the energy efficiency and performance of buildings reduces pollution entering the environment in the first place.

The costs and difficulies attempting to remove poluttion and contaminants from the environment is staggering.

Plastic Seas Ocean Pollution

Our oceans are increasing filled with plastic, and micro plastic, alarmingly testing shows the fish we eat also contain plastic. Remediation will be expensive, in fact it may be too late, remediation may not be possible.

Obviously preventing plastic from entering the ocean in the first place would have been a smarter strategy.

Similarly, trying to remove contaminants such as PM2.5, PM10, SOX and NOX from the air we breathe is far more difficult and costly than preventing contamination, choosing cure is the expensive option. And the longer we wait, the result is higher remediation costs.

providing innovative energy solutions that boost your bottom-line

Building Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficient of buildings is a also enhance your corporate profile, indeed the growing pressure for corporate environmental reporting, as a normal component of the annual report, will certainly drive future occupancy rates.

Adopting a p2e2 strategy is an opportunity to prevent pollution enetering the environment, while cutting your costs and increasing your profit.

In Hong Kong ninety percent (90%) of electricity consumption is used to power our buildings and that is approx. 63% of Hong Kong's GHG emissions.

And contrary to the EMSD's average data, our energy audit data demonstrates that approximately sixty five percent (65%) of a commercial building's energy cost is used providing air conditioning.

Therefore improving building energy efficiency is targetted, and saving money, but also prevents pollution.

Kelcroft provides smart energy solutions that lower your costs, reduce pollution and give your business a competitive edge providing strategic consultancy advice across Asia, our expertise includes:

sustainable design consultant
energy auditing lowers business costs
healthier design improves IAQ wellbeing
commissioning, ensuring building are commissioned lowers operating costs
lower lifetime cost of ownership

Adopt p2e2 strategy is good for your business, further information call us today!


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