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John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

The challenges facing those who own, operate, and occupy buildings have significantly changed over the years, dramatic changes in the complexity of Building Services Installation (air conditioning, electrical, lighting, fire services, plumbing, drainage, and controls) and the maintenance of building services (M&E) systems demands experience.

We have discovered design problems, installation problems and deferred maintenance. For example low power factor, because the capacitor controlling the building power factor correction system failed.

In another case, duplicate thermostats were found counter controlling the same air handling unit.

Here are some examples of the trouble we have found in buildings:

condition survey, condition surveying, hotel defectsAbove: Hope the hotel occupants do not need the fire escape lighting

condition survey, condition surveying, faulty electricalAbove: Non-compliant electrical installation fire hazard

condition surveyAbove: Survey of existing services

condition survey, faulty cableAbove: data centre lightning protection conductor burnt and cable disconnected

building condition survey

condition survey, infrared electricalAbove: electrical Infrared image shows overheating fuse

Anyone of these examples could be a disaster, our condition surveys are tailored to suit your precise needs, for example, a common request is the pre-purchase survey, or perhaps you need a data centre equipment survey, control panel, or busbar thermal inspection.

Call +(852) 2335 9830 today to order condition survey report.

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More Survey Photos....

Here is a selection of our results from MEP condition surveys


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date: 26-02-21