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Renewable Energy

BY John Herbert | DIRECTOR

Don't get left behind

The 2005 results are in, the global renewable energy expenditure has increased by USD 8 billion, in 2005 for a total of USD 38 billion- a record investment in the future.


With decreased resources increasingly business is focused on alternate sources of energy, most often known as renewable energy. Renewable energy as the name implies is created from a renewable source and unlike fossil fuels such as coal and oil does not require a million years to replace the resource.

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Renewable energy covers a wide range of potential fuel energy sources, and includes, wind energy, solar energy, and biomass.

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History has shown that across the globe, in free market economy systems our reliance on fossil fuels is secure primarily due to cost factors. Renewable energy, the more expensive option, remains sidelined whilst the cost of a good to the consumer is the determining factor. However costing carbon, whether it is CDM or CER, is creating a level playing field.

The cost of energy impacts every aspect of our livelihood, down to the food we need requiring energy for harvesting, processing, transportation, refrigeration and packaging, and that is just to get it on the shelves.

In reality we consumers don't pay money for the real cost of consuming fossil fuels, the social costs better known as externalities comprising air and water pollution, is overlooked - just part of the cost of a fossil fuel method for doing business, and today, although the costs are recognised they are still largely remain excluded from economic forces.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is perhaps the simplest concept to grasp, in certain strategic locations with high winds, the action of the moving air is harnessed to create electricity. In fact using wind energy is nothing new, windmills harnessed the power of the wind to drive grind grain, however modern technology has introduced improved performance equipment.

It is estimated that twenty percent of the global electricity needs can be met using Wind energy technologies. Many critics argue that wind turbines are visually disturbing, however the technology is adopted in the oceans and countryside in Europe.

Solar Energy

Solar energy as the name implies aims to harness the energy from the sun, converting it in to useful usable work here on the planet.

Photovoltaic Systems

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Renewable Energy Network

Kelcroft supports the Hong Kong Renewable Energy Network visit the HKREN website: www.hkren.hk

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