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Sustainable Design Consultant [SDC]

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
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Kelcroft's broad and experienced skill base offers you a comprehensive multi-disciplinary services, driving and supporting integrated scalable improvements in resource productivity in land, water, energy, materials and waste.

In 1999 the Hong Kong Government set out its key objectives for its future sustainable development strategy:

  • Social progress which recognized the needs of everyone
  • Effective protection of the environment
  • Prudent use of natural resources
  • Maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment

Kelcroft is committed to minimizing negative environmental impacts resulting from its business activities, and working with clients, suppliers and business partners to promote sustainability and higher environmental standards.

sustainable design consultant

Strategic and Regulatory

We are at the forefront in supporting the formulation of new regulations and revisions to planning and building control which are necessary to move from research to implementation of these objectives particularly in the sector of green building, having been closely involved with the development of BEAM rating tools for more than a decade.

Environmental Management Matters

The success of every development is strongly influenced by its effect on the environment and the surrounding community.

Our expertise and advice ensures a project's realization with a minimum of procedural delay. Our specialists investigate related environmental issues of due diligence and asset control in order to provide the right information on which to base key decisions.

We assist throughout the development process by delivering environmental impact assessment as a practical management tool.

sustainable design consulting

Project Implementation

Kelcroft is at the forefront of developing specifications and management strategies for delivering effective sustainable development in all sectors of the built environment with a particular focus on delivery.

With the expertise to back this up, for example specifying energy, water and waste efficient techniques and equipment in buildings and infrastructure and the specialist analysis techniques to demonstrate the practical environmental performance. We also advise on the potential for gathering and using of all forms renewable energy.

If we have learned one thing, its never give up. Presenting new ideas is not easy, at every turn we were told that is not possible, we cant do that in Hong Kong, its frustrating, yet we have demonstrated those impossibilities were possible.

sustainable design consultant hong kong


The sustainability goal is requires a multi-faceted approach. This approach requires reducing the environmental impact, providing sustainable buildings with lower embodied energy, and emitting as little carbon as possible.

Studies show that "green buildings" don't actually have to cost the earth, with an negligible increase of 1-2% above traditional methods. It is the perception of expensive green building that needs to overcome.

Sustainability is not an expensive proposition, best value solutions also have environmental and sustainability benefits.

Sustainability expertise is embedded at all levels, we don't support the notion that a specialist group is needed, we approach every task understanding the road map to the goal dealing with tomorrows problems today.

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