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Kelcroft is a service provider with engineering expertise covering a variety of sectors, enabling us to add value to your project.

Reliable and relevant, Kelcroft offers planning, design, financial and administrative solutions for your built environment project in Asia.

Kelcroft project managers and engineering sectors

Kelcroft is owned and operated by engineering experts directly involved with your project goals from concept to conclusion, ensuring quality engineering and the delivery of a project on time, within budget, and matched to your objectives.

You are assured of in-depth expertise in both refurbishment and development of all building types, evidenced with litigation free track record.

Built Environment

Kelcroft is engaged in creating solutions for a range of clients, of varying size, complexity and representing all building classifications including:


Energy Expertise

A Hong Kong based services provider, Kelcroft helps lower the cost of doing business across Asia. Our skillset includes energy mining, energy auditing, carbon footprinting, energy analysis and reporting - all creating the opportunities for your competitive advantage in the market. Click here to read and learn more energy consulting and lowering energy costs

Green Building

Here are the links for Kelcroft green building solutions:

Further Information

For further information regarding Kelcroft's services and solutions call today, our Hong Kong office telephone: +(852) 2335 9830, send us a fax +(852) 2335 9862, or send us an email message

Kelcroft consulting engineers create innovative solutions for building projects including: Office and Retail Resorts and Hotels Entertainment Healthcare & Laboratories Heritage Industrial & Manufacturing Telecommunications Entertainment Residential Fitting out F&B Licensing project management e&m engineering energy consultant M&E engineering