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Smart Building

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John Herbert

Kelcroft designs, supervises and manages a wide range of E&M engineering systems for the built environment including smart and intelligent building systems for commercial, residential, healthcare, and industrial sectors.

smart buildings

Smart buildings are only as clever as the engineers that design them, the inanimate building has no self learned intelligence, engineers with smart ideas create smart buildings.

smart ideas create smart buildings

Kelcroft E&M solutions provides you with solutions for the built environment, creating value added systems integrated with the fabric of the structure to create smarter, better controlled environments whether for industry or business. Smarter energy-wise buildings have lower operating costs and improved occupant comfort.


The sensible application of control components and systems has driven the growth of the automated buildings controls, helped by the adoption of common communication protocols for E&M controls systems, such as BACnet and LonWorks. However automatic controls systems alone don't make a dumb building smart, progressive design creates opportunities unimagined a few years previously.

intelligent buildings

Systems can be monitored and controlled remotely, from the building next door or the other side of the planet. Certainly to create smarter more intelligent buildings requires Kelcroft's creative design skills to ensure your money is well spent on feasible solutions.

Smarter Facades

A smart facade is an active building envelope that interacts with the environment, designed right it can lower the energy cost and improves the environmental performance of buildings.

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