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Steam Systems - Flash Steam

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Kelcroft's expertise covers a range of E&M engineering solutions for the built environment including a particular specialty steam and condensate systems primarily used in the healthcare, manufacturing process, catering and industrial sectors.

If designed correctly, Steam is an efficient medium for transporting energy. It is flexible, and suited for both the built environment applications and industry applications.

flash steam, steam and condensate

Kelcroft E&M solutions provides solutions for the built environment, that others can't provide, we can design, energy smart Steam and Condensate systems, including flash steam, energy recovery heat exchangers and fuel efficient plant.

Smarter design, is built-in not an afterthought using the full potential, for example it is often overlooked that condensate can create flash steam taking advantage of steam energy to lower your fuel costs and reduce your energy bills. And it is backed up by users, a survey of FM managers indicated that lack of energy efficiency measures is the biggest headache for operators.

flash steam system, steam and condensate

Kelcroft's solutions includes steam and condensate systems for healthcare, catering and industrial facilities. Covering cook-chill, steam boilers, steam-to-water heat exchangers, steam control, steam traps, conditions surveys, autoclaves, sterilizers, and catering equipment, laundry and industrial process steam applications.

What is Flash Steam?

Flash steam is low pressure source of steam created from the potential energy in the condensate effluent from a high pressure steam service to a turbine, or other process. Flash steam can be generated to provide heat energy for other processes and equipment, therefore utilizing the full potential of the heat energy stored in the steam condensate before it is returned to the central boiler plant.

It is economics driven, and a cost effective energy saving solution to a number of engineering challenges, and it lowers your operating costs. Flash steam can be used for process purposes, or pre-heating raw water to lower your fuel costs.

Have energy conservation "designed in" from day one, not as an after thought - Kelcroft's energy skillbase and experience lowers your total cost of ownership, saving money, and that in turn lowers your environmental footprint.

flash steam system, steam and condensate

How does flash steam work?

High pressure hot water (Condensate) entering a lower pressure region will instantly evapourate to create low pressure steam. The process depends on the enthaply or heat energy within the condensate and the pressure, this process is called flash steam or flash steam recovery.

The low pressure steam created in turn can be used for domestic water heating, air conditioning chillers and other low grade energy applications before the energy in the condensate is lost.

Advantages to use flash steam?

Generally its created and used locally, close to the process equipment. Where the Condensate has sufficient energy the condensate can be "flashed" into low pressure steam, and used for commercial process that doest require superheated or high pressure steam.

For example high pressure condensate from an electricity turbine outlet could flashed into low pressure steam for process needs.

Having a local, low pressure steam source is economical because the shorter pipe runs and the equipment for low pressure steam is more cost effective than high pressure components.

The exact application depends on the system and the secondary application.

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