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Steam Generator Steam and Condensate Systems

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A Steam Generator heats water under pressure creating steam for the steam installation, its efficiency is critical for the system energy use perspective.

Steam and Condensate systems are primarily used in large scale properties, including district heating systems, hospital, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial process, bulk catering, chemical, and industrial sectors, but often the resulting condensate is dumped into the drain as waste water.

In fact, the condensate produced by steam equipment is a very valuable commodity, its already chemically treated, high grade hot water about 75-80 degC, and if returned to the boiler it can be reused in the steam boiler, significantly lowering fuel consumption, reducing raw water usage, and the chemical treatment that the raw water requires.

steam boiler

The condensate is essentially very hot water, so dumping condensate in to a normal sewer normally requires a extra step to comply with the local regulations.

Typically, the hot condensate must be cooled and this is often achieved by mixing condensate and cold water to lower the water temperature discharged into the sewer.

So the building owners pays once for the cold water to create steam, pays again for the cold water to cool the condensate, and pays the relevent sewerage charges for discharging hot condensate and cooling water.

For example, in New York USA, mixing valves are installed to cool the hot condensate before discharging into the sewer to met the code requirement.

Using condensate can lower your energy and operating cost that improves profitability, lowering water and sewer charges, therefore lowering your environmental footprint also.

steam generators

Steam Boilers

Burning gas, oil, coal or combination of fuels, are used in boilers to raise steam distributed to the end use. the energy efficincy of the boiler plant is critical to ensure the energy in the fuel is used efficiently to heat the water under pressure, to raise steam. therefore the boiler efficiency must be periodically checked to ensure the burners, fuel, excess air combination create the most efficient use of fuel.

Changing fuels can be advantageous, to lower fuel and energy costs, some steam generators have dual fuel burners offering the owner the choice between burning oil or gas, depending on the lowest fuel cost.

steam system schematic
Steam System Schematic - Click for larger image

Steam Generator - Flash Steam Generator

Another potential source of steam generation is the condensate, it can be used to generate low pressure steam, also known as flash steam, by manipulating pressure high pressure condensate flashes to create low pressure steam.

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