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Steam and Condensate Systems

John A. Herbert
John A. Herbert

Steam and Condensate systems are primarily used for energy in large scale properties, including district heating systems, hospital, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial process,catering, chemical, and industrial sectors, steam is a high energy media, but is one that demands respect.

steam condensate systems

It is vital tool for manufacturing, used many business and factory industrial applications including power generation, space heating, drying, water heating, curing, sterilizing, processing and cleaning.

efficient steam saves fuel

An efficient steam and condensate system requires careful planning from day one, years of experience count. Kelcroft's steam experience provides you with solutions that others just can't provide, you get decades of experience. We design, audit and assess energy steam and condensate systems, condensate recovery, energy conservation, piping, heat exchangers and boiler plant.



Our wide range of experience includes consultancy for steam and condensate systems, in hospitals, cook-chill kitchens, steam boilers, steam-to-water heat exchangers, steam control, steam traps, due diligence, energy audits, conditions surveys, autoclaves, sterilizers, catering equipment, laundry, and industrial steam applications.

With Kelcroft's expertise your operating costs will be lower and your profits increased.

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