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Steam Trap Auditor

by John Herbert | Director

Kelcroft designs, supervises and manages a wide range of E&M engineering systems for the built environment including a particular speciality Steam and Condensate systems primarily used in the hospital, healthcare, manufacturing process, catering and industrial sectors.

steam condensate, design, supervision and management

Kelcroft E&M solutions provides you with solutions for the built environment, that others can't provide, we design, energy smart Steam and Condensate systems, including piping, heat exchangers and boiler plant.

steam system expert consultant condensate, design, supervision and management

Our wide range of experience includes consultancy and advisory services for steam and condensate systems, covering hospitals, cook-chill, steam boilers, steam-to-water heat exchangers, steam control, steam traps, conditions surveys, autoclaves, sterilizers, and catering equipment, laundry and industrial process steam applications.

steam trap audit, steam traps

Kelcroft expertise means valued added steam and condensate energy conservation advice and solutions to lower your operating costs.

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