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Sustainability Consulting Hong Kong

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

No fluffy board room chat, we are all business. Sustainability requires tackling a comprehensive range of issues, including land, water, energy, materials, and waste, in different sectors. Whether you are in the construction, garment, or retail, it does not matter, it is the same problem, and the same tough road ahead.

sustainability consulting Hong Kong

In the 2020 Policy Address, the Hong Kong Government set out a key objective, striving for carbon neutrality by 2050, and this will impact every person, and every business operating in Hong Kong.

sustainability consulting Hong Kong


The major sources for Carbon emissions include buildings, transport and others, therefore the success of the policy must target these sources, but will equally impact the community around us, it is inevitable.

Imagine you are rushed into hospital, you need an operation, do you want to risk your life with fresh graduate surgeon or the wiser experienced consultant, you decide.

Presently, Hong Kong emits approx. 40,600 Tonnes/CO2e per year (ENB 2018 figures published in 2020), plus the natural creep, by 2050 the emissions would be nearer 45,000 Tonnes/CO2e per year, so specialist knowlegde is required.

With actual expertise to back this up, we devise the solutions.

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date: 16-04-21