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Thermal Imaging Inspection | Hong Kong

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

Direct acccess to the experts, we inspect and diagnose faults, defects and condition using the latest infrared imaging survey technology. It is an invaluable tool to reveal critical information that's not visible to the human eye.

Thermal Imaging is a rapid solution for fault diagnostics avoiding costly downtime or service interuptions.

We use Fluke thermal imaging with 0.01 degC high resolution chip providing high accurancy and post processing.

thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE: Kelcroft's thermal imaging inspection is the rapid solution for electrical, moisture, and heat detection

thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE:External hotel windows and wall heated by hot exhaust air (coanda effect) revealed by thermal imaging

thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE: Bay window soffit with highlighting future concrete delamination defect

thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE: Interior view of external wall with cold areas indicating part of the thermal insulation is missing or settled between the studs, the cause of condensation

thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE: Thermal imaging inspection reveals extent of moisture and rising damp, the first step to prevent mould growth

thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE: concrete thermal imaging survey locates spalling location

thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE: All objects emit radiation in the infrared spectrum, the thermal image coverts infrared into a false colour image

thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE:Thermal imaging inspection showing overheated MCB

thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE: Overheated busbar joint discovered by thermal imaging inspection service

thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE: Thermal imaging inspection finds the hot water pipe location before drilling the concrete saving time and money

air conditioning thermal imaging inspection

ABOVE: Thermal imaging inspection reveals faulty air conditioning condenser coil

Thermal imaging is an important rapid tool to investigate buildings, energy systems, air conditioning, water damage, water leakage, electrical systems, motors, switchgear, busbars, and predictive failure inspections, call Kelcroft experts today.

Call us today on +852 2335 9830 for thermal imaging inspection quotation.

Project References

  • Le Merdion Hotel, Cyberport
  • Hong Kong Maritime Museum
  • Hotel and Shopping Centre, Singapore
  • Five Star Hotel, Phase 1, Macau SAR
  • Commerical building Busbars, Hong Kong
  • Commerical office, Hong Kong
  • Luxury Residence, Shek O, Hong Kong
  • Luxury Residence, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
  • Apartment, Tung Chung, Hong Kong
  • Apartment, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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date: 24-01-21