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Thermal Infra-red Imaging (thermal scanning)

John A. Herbert
by John A. Herbert

Kelcroft provides thermal energy infra-red imaging (also known as thermal scanning or thermography) which is used to revealed hidden information not visible to the human eye.

The temperature of an object, or part of an object reveals information, for example electrical connections in good condition have the same temperature. However, the resistance of a poor connection causes localised heating, and infra-red camera can reveal those hot spots, then the connection can be repaired BEFORE a fault occurs or electrcial fire breaks out.

thermal image, infra-red
Kelcroft infrared imaging, energy (heat) is represented in a false colour image.

Thermal imaging is the tool to investigate building structures, energy systems, air conditioning, electrical systems, motors, switchgear, busbars, and conduct predictive maintenance inspections, call the experts today.

thermal image
Kelcroft thermal image, objects emit radiation, represented as false colour image to make it visible for humans

Scanning electrical systems is a no-contact, non destructive testing (NDT) method to check electrical systems and connections of live systems without interupting the supply. Poor connections for example, at calbe joints, switches, busbars, have higher energy/temperature which cannot be seen with the human eye, but can be viewed only with the thermal image (thermal scanner).

electrical thermal image
Kelcroft infrared imaging - energy (heat) is represented in false colour image, indicating actual surface temperature red/orange colours are hotter, blue and purple coloura are cooler

site thermal image
Kelcroft infrared imaging heat energy is represented in false colour image, heat around the edge of the CI manhole

electrical thermal image
Kelcroft infrared imaging, energy (heat) is represented in false colour image

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