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Troubleshooting HVACR Systems

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troubleshooting HVACR

Problems stop you doing what you need to do, consume time and seem to swallow resources that should be earning for you. They impact your environment, often impacting your people, lowering morale, productivity or both.

troubleshooting HVACR
Kelcroft thermal image provides false colour image so temperature is visible for humans

Poor indoor air quality, high energy bills, noise problems, mould & damp, swimming pool problems, heat pump problems, overheating, and overcooling these are just some of HVACR problems we have investigated solved.

Troubleshooting HVACR
Mould Growth

Troubleshooting HVACR
Infrared imaging

We search and investigate engineering HVACR problems, using the latest infra-red imaging technology, and identify those elusive answers and solutions.

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Hotel Heat Pumps Problems

An international brand hotel reported problems, the new swimming pool heat pump system did not work as expected.

We investigated, reported our findings, and identified the solution.

Energy Recovery System Troubles

Another international brand hotel reports air conditioning problems (tip: always listen to the site person) it was the usual story, the system does not seem to work as expected, seemed to be unstable, with poor energy savings reported.

We investigated, reported our findings and demonstrated with a new drawing how to re-configure the system correctly and restore full function.


The building owner reported mould problems, was the air conditioning system working right?

We investigated, reported our findings.

Solar Hot Water Heating System

The new solar heating system did not lower the fuel cost for running the hot water boiler as promised.

We investigated, and reported why the cost savings could not be provided by the new system.

From years looking at buildings, if there is one common theme, it must be the length of time, often years, and amount of money and energy wasted before finally calling a subject matter expert.

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