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Kelcroft Added Value

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

Can Kelcroft really add value? When similar terms are liberally sprinkled throughout marketing material, readers may be forgiven for thinking it is little more rhetoric.

Presented here is an real case, from 2002. With Names omitted, readers are free to draw their own conclusions.

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Sitting at his desk, covered with the usual collection of paper, invoices, and waiting mail, he was staring at one in particular, it just arrived in the mail, like the others, but this one was different.

It is not everyday a million dollar demand note lands unannounced his your desk, he stared directly at it, almost in disbelief.

In brief, having been advised that this major problem existed, and presented with a take it or leave it one million dollar scenario, Kelcroft's independent opinion was sought.

To be honest, never having a million dollar bill dropped in my lap, I was intrigued too. It asserted that the existing chilled water pumping system needed drastic and urgent remediation works, no alternatives, no choice and urgent payment needed.

It was not going to be easy, Joe was anxious, and time was running out.


Our initial investigation revealed that the root cause of the problem had been overlooked, and that implementing the recommended solution would not actually resolve the problem.

We arranged and conducted a through investigation, including site survey and measurements to try and uncover the real story.


We found that chilled water pumping system was not the source of the real problem.

Sidebar: The value of properly drawn schematic drawing can never be under estimated. An engineering schematic drawing, like a good wiring diagram doesn't require spatial references.

Data in hand, including the survey drawing, schematics, analysis, and calculations, I complied a detailed report and presented.

We identified the true culprit, explained the alternatives and recommended solutions which incidentally did not include spending one million Hong Kong dollars.

To say Joe was pleased was an understatement, Kelcroft's solution would cost HK$38,000.

You do the math, that's real value!

Of course, money was not the only saving. Additional benefits included less time needed - implemented faster, lower environmental impact, and a happy manager.