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Vinyl Wallpaper in Asia

John Herbert, hong kong energy saving expert, BEAM expert
John Herbert

There are countless websites on the internet reporting mould issues, although few understand the science behind this phenomena.

vinyl wallpaper purple mould in hotel guest room

Above Photo: vinyl wallpaper with purple mould growing under hotel guest room window

Mould is a living organism and has simple needs to grow, food and water:

1/ Paper including vinyl wallpaper comprises paper (a form of cellulose) that provides food.

2/ In Asia most buildings have air conditioning, so the outdoor vapour pressure is much higher (approx. 1 kpa) than the indoor vapour pressure. That pressure gradient drives moisture though the wall into the air conditioned space. Note the path, from outside to inside, and where wallpaper is provided inside, that is a vapour retarder so moisture is trapped and accumulates behind the vinyl wallpaper providing the moisture / water source neccessary for mould growth.

Inside the building any type of vapour barrier will trap moisture and cause mould.


Mould, a living organism, is all around us, they release microscopic spores (essentially seeds) into the air (approx. 3 micrometres) and these spores drift around the space on natural air currents, or with air currents created by fans, until they settle.

And given the right environmental conditions, mould spores will grow, reproduce and release more spores into the air, continuing its life cycle.

aerosol, particle size compared, coronvirus size, mould spore size click for larger image

Mould is Airborne

For some people, sensitive adults, and particularly young children mould spores can cause a range of health problems, including alleries, headaches, or respiratory problems, any of which may develop further complications often requiring medical treatment.

To stop mould indoors requires cutting off its food and water, simpler said than done. Cleaning merely removes surface mould, it will not stop or prevent mould.

vinyl wallpaper mould problems
Hong Kong hotel and hotel room mould problems
Hong Kong hotel and hotel room mould problems
Hong Kong hotel and hotel room mould problems
Hong Kong hotel and hotel room mould problems
Hong Kong hotel and hotel room mould problems

Mould Hunters

Surface mould does not tell the whole story, the source of the water or moisture causing the growth of mould is critical. Our infrared thermal camera can reveal the true extent, even if the owner is unaware. Yes, we have found water damage in walls, that nobody knew were damage, but we found it!

We use infrared thermal camera for our expert mould inspections, so we can identify the source and extent of hidden moisture problems, damp, and mould problems in buildings.

check out our building mould photos
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